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Tuition Vouchers (for people over 45 years of age)

A tuition voucher is a document in a standardized format that gives a person the right for retraining or training for a wanted degree, specialization, refresher training in an educational institution or at an employer.

Vouchers are issued by employment centers to people who are not registered as unemployed in the employment centers and meet the following criteria, notably they are to be:

  • people over 45 years of age,
  • discharged from military service (except soldiers on regular service),
  • discharged from military service after participation in the anti-terrorist operation, disabled people,
  • internally displaced persons.

With the assistance of the State Employment Service, you may get a one-off voucher if you meet the established criteria.

Read more on the website of the State Employment Service: https://www.dcz.gov.ua/storinka/vauchery

The training is performed by the National Aviation University according to the license to provide education services. The list of specialties which provides for the issue of tuition vouchers is approved by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.  The list of higher education institutions and technical and vocational education institution that are allowed to use tuition vouchers in their activities is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

NAU specialties that provide for using tuition vouchers for studies for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree:

053 Psychology

073 Management

121 Software Engineering

123 Computer Engineering

124 System Analysis

125 Cybersecurity

141 Electricity, Electronics and Electrical Engineering

191 Architecture and Urban Planning

192 Building and Civil Engineering

193 Geodesy and Land Management

231 Social Work

The candidate may choose the specialty (educational programme) from the list as well as the training form (extramural, e-learning).

To get a tuition voucher, the candidate is to submit the following documents to the employment center:

  • application;
  • passport;
  • employment record book (or its copy). If the employment record book is stored by the employer, the candidate submits its copy certified by the employer. In the absence of necessary records in the employment record book as well as in the absence of the employment record book itself, the candidate is to submit a certificate or a civil contract confirming the candidate’s period of employment;
  • higher education document (or its copy);
  • fiscal number (except persons who do not have a fiscal number because of religious beliefs).

Copies of the abovementioned documents are made in the presence of the candidate and certified by his/her signature.

To confirm the candidate’s contribution period during his/her military service, he/she submits an appropriate certificate (if available).

A decision on issuing the voucher is made by the employment center not later than on the eighth working day from the documents submission date. The employment center is to inform the candidate about its decision on issuing the voucher within three working days from the decision making date.

To get your voucher, you should apply to an employment center within five working days from the date when you have received a relevant notification.

The Education Contract is concluded between NAU and the candidate within 90 days from the voucher issuance date.

NAU informs the employment center that has issued the voucher that the candidate has fulfilled the terms of the education contract, notably, class attendance and education programme fulfilment.

In case the candidate drops-out with no good excusehe/she recovers within 30 working days the University’s expenses for the period of his/her actual training.

The vouchers are issued to the candidates in compliance with the Procedure for issuing vouchers for supporting the competitive capacity of individuals on the labor market approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 207 "On Approving the Procedure for issuing vouchers for supporting the competitive capacity of individuals on the labor market” of 20.03.2013.

The list of professions, specialties, areas of training and refresher training for which a tuition voucher can be issued is approved by the Order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine № 661 of 25.06.2015 registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 09.07.2015 under № 817/27262.

For more details contact your nearest employment center.