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Friday, 13 March 2020 12:40

NAU sets up distance learning

During the quarantine period introduced by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for all educational facilities, the educational process at National Aviation University shall go as scheduled, on a remote access (distance) basis.

The University is gradually shifting to a unified system of student learning, Google Classroom, which will provide rapid creation, dissemination of materiel and tasks for the organization of the distance learning process. Staffers responsible for distance learning in institutes / faculties have already instructed teachers to apply the Google Classroom distance learning platform.

Web service integrates creation and exchange of tasks, writing texts, communication, messaging, grading, and more. Google Classroom is convenient and user-friendly for teachers and students, allow for setting up the learning process from both a personal computer and gadgets (iOS, Android). With these capabilities, teachers can monitor each student's personal performance, grade them, provide recommendations, and more.

Through Google Classroom, NAU teaching staff will provide students throughout the quarantine period with everything they need to study independently: tutorials, lecture, seminar, and lab work materiel, according to the curriculum. Skype may be used for practical and laboratory reports, homework assignments, and their digital protection, if needed. Modular tests are postponed until the quarantine is over, while teachers are advised to deliver to students during the teaching hours now vacated the materiel from the next module.


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